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Regional FlagLet's get rid of the 10 minute stat debuff on ress (Show MVP Posts)Source
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#1 - 2012/11/26 02:39:00 PM
Lets be honest here, the death penalty when ress at a spirit healer is old. It's build on old ideas about how this game should penalize people who used it to exploid and whatelse not.

Now we're 8 years ahead, graveyards are horrible, guild perks are useless, if you die somewhere up high you're just screwed and if you log off the buff will still be there on login. I won't even start about the "penalty" you get when you die in a raid instance. I think a raid group loses at least 30 minutes of raiding time on corpse running.

Trow us a bone, either fix or change something.

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#10 - 2012/11/26 03:47:00 PM
The death of a character should be something important, the death penalty is there to make sure players don’t disregard it, in my opinion it’s actually already too easy and too fast to resurrect.
It’s because of the penalty and the lost time when doing a corpse run, that players will be more cautious about their character.
If you decide to resurrect at the spirit healer, it’s because either your character died in a very weird place (and you should be more careful), or you just don’t want to corpse run.

I think we should all be glad that there’s no experience loss as death penalty, that would probably be a bit too harsh, but I do think we need something to keep death from being meaningless.

We’re always open to good and new ideas of what that might be; as long as it’s not “removal of the death penalty”, feel free to chip in ;)

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#82 - 2012/11/27 04:14:00 PM
26/11/2012 17:04Posted by Daishan
By "very weird place" you mean large chunks of Panda land especially anywhere near the cloud serpent dailies.

That is something completely different, any time a player is forced to resurrect at the spirit healer while doing quests or anything usual, we will take a look and adjust graveyards or the resurrection functionality if we verify that it happens when players aren’t purposely going out of their way to get into weird inaccessible paths.

So if there’s a specific place, like around the Cloud Serpent dailies area where you might be forced to resurrect at a spirit healer, that can be considered a bug and devs usually fix those by either moving the graveyards, creating new ones or flag them to auto-res players who release in those places, we prefer to do that as we’re still hesitant about adding ghost flying to Pandaria.