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#1 - 2012/11/20 09:49:00 PM
Hello Blizzard,

i recently canceled three accounts with the reason

"I dont like the daily quests as only source of reputation"

Probably that is something you understand?

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#76 - 2012/11/21 10:23:00 AM
It's a shame there's so much off-topic chatter in this thread, because there's actually some good feedback in here from both sides.

Ceac, while I appreciate your intentions, please don't derail threads. If you feel it's spam, report it and move on, we'll decide on the rest. We're always looking for feedback, and sometimes a fresh thread can be a good thing if there's no clear existing one.

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#122 - 2012/11/21 03:19:00 PM
There are plenty of threads on this topic.
Even if (and I doubt this) none of them have people in them who actually canceled
accounts because they didn't like the dailies then the OP could still have posted in those saying something like: Yeah, I don't like dailies either, I canceled 3 of my accounts because of it.

Yes, agreed. But regardless, we try to gather feedback from everywhere, despite the fact we repeatedly ask people to keep it to one thread so it's less likely to be missed.

My comment was mainly to point out posting just to tell someone their thread is useless, and then arguing about it, is not helpful at all. If anything, it's just bumping the thread even further, which in turn has given it more visibility than it would have received otherwise.

Considering there are now some well-presented thoughts and comments here, we're happy to let it run.