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Regional FlagWhy did i get my gear removed?Source
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#1 - 2012/11/20 09:03:00 PM

That is a link to a post i put in the customer support section. Anyways I unjustly had my gear removed. Not once did I use that exploit let alone get passed 1800 this season. All I have done is team hop tons of times because its more fun that way for me. Talked to customer support on the phone and they said my account was not flagged for anything in their system and I also did not recieve an email about exploiting or an in game mail. I am VERY happy you guys are cracking down on this but wonder how many more unfairly had their gear removed.

Whats goin on??

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#4 - 2012/11/20 09:20:00 PM
As I stated in Driver's locked thread: If you believe that these account actions were applied in error, the email sent to your registered email address contains instructions regarding how to dispute the matter. Your case will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Posting threads on the World of Warcraft forum regarding disciplinary actions is a against the code of conduct and posting guidelines.