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#1 - 2012/11/05 07:48:00 PM
I was going out of my way questing on my monk in Townlong steppes and I found myself becoming a victim of a level 90 hunter , I decided after my Resurrection timer being 2 minutes I'd log my main and as a mage I've previously never had an issue with hunters LK/Cata , I drop down deepfreeze he pops beastial wrath and before I can even use my Ice block I'm at 40% HP , This has broken through my 80,444 Absorb Ice barrier and my 18,279 damage Incanter's ward from what I saw he didn't even do anything 66.9% Of damage being from Arcane shot and 33.1% from Auto shot , 21.3% Damage from his pet. I took around 461,332 damage in around 12 seconds. I can see from new patch notes your doing nothing about how overly broken hunters are and You might say " Oh but your a mage " , I might be a mage but I don't raid or pvp , I do the odd heroic and do my dailies. I'm down for a bit of friendly world PVP but when you're faced with such an impossible opponent whats the point?

Angry Rant Over. Back to questing.

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#9 - 2012/11/07 04:51:00 PM
Please don't ask for nerfs.