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#1 - 2012/11/04 09:17:00 PM
I can't think this game will die until Blizzard will continue to put new stuff (expansion packs) and they will continue to get money in their pocket from players.
But I many players are saying that there will be 1 max 2 more expansion pack and then the game will die off.

Well I know that maybe there are games with better graphics, ... But there are NOT games with something special that only WoW have... And I really don't know how to explain this WoW's special characteristic...

It can maybe also turn out a WoW2 with a new graphic engine... But I think it can't run out of stories... Players could explore Argus (dranei homeworld) with their toons, defeat the Gods of WoW.... And why not? Explore new lands as a always (pandaria, northrend, outlands....)

What's your idea about this? I really like to fill my free time with this game... And I wouldn't like to see it dieing knowing I've put lots of money into it (transfers, expansion packs, game time,...)

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#51 - 2012/11/06 10:55:00 AM
Everything ends, even WoW... So a more suitable question would be "When will WoW end?"... my guess is that it will end when there is no one left playing ;-)

There are lots of cool things in the works for the game in the future, so I personally think WoW has quite a few good years in it still.

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#152 - 2012/11/07 03:51:00 PM
06/11/2012 18:28Posted by Hyrr
there is always "cool things" to expect. We have heard that salesman trick too many times. The coolness will eventually run out :p

Indeed, the end of WoW is a rather relative term because the end may come sooner to some than to others. If for an example a person feels jaded about World of Warcraft, it would be fairly safe to assume that this person will end his time in Azeroth sooner than a person who feels excited about World of Warcraft.

But I am not sure this thread is so much about the end of WoW for the individual as it is about the end of WoW for the game itself, correct me if I am wrong of course :-)

The only absolute end to World of Warcraft, that I can think of, would be a time when we decide to call it quits and shut down all the realms... but only time can tell when that will happen :-)