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Regional FlagGold cap on server transfer - Will it be increased?Source
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#1 - 2012/10/11 01:19:00 PM
So i recently faction and server changed on my level 90 and was surprised to see the goldcap on a transfer/faction change is still 50k, now 50k really isn't much especially for a level 90, are there any plans to increase this cap? Seems kind of pointless to have the cap to begin with, i'm not sure why it matters if gold farmers/sellers can move gold from one server to another.

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#12 - 2012/10/22 03:35:00 PM
There are no plans to change the 50k gold cap. The percentage of players that has over 50k gold is incredibly small.
Remember that you can always use the market to buy items so you can still remain below the gold cap when transferring, basically “transforming” gold into something that you can carry along in your inventory to another realm and effectively get your gold back (with some luck, even with profit) by selling the items on the destination realm; we think that this is actually healthy for the in-game economies.