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Regional FlagWhy remove the buff from Huojin Pandaren??Source
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#1 - 2012/10/10 03:16:00 PM
Why have you blizzard remove buff that get 50% more VP for today when i login and think that I should run few HC so i could get more VP and ot would extra nice to have this 50% extra so i could get little extra but when i login it is gone is bug or have blizzard remove for people have got to much VP already?

Thank you for any answer for if blizzard have remove for that people have got to much VP already thne you should have not put in to game in 1st place blizzard shame on you

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#2 - 2012/10/10 03:20:00 PM
The buff that makes you get 50% more valor points applies to all characters on the realm you're playing as long as one character in that realm hits the 1000 valor points weekly cap. Since that cap resets on Wednesdays, it's normal that it's no longer there. It'll be reapplied to your character as soon as you hit the 1000 valor weekly cap again.

In short, the Valor of the Ancients buff is meant to help your other characters on that same realm to get to the valor cap quickly.