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#1 - 2012/10/06 08:46:00 PM
I was under the impression that once you finished the start up quest from the Pet Battle trainer in SW that you would later get more and be able to fight NPC masters out in the world. What happens if you never get the quests and can't do anything when you find the NPC masters?

Community Manager
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#14 - 2012/10/08 11:07:00 PM
If you're not seeing the daily quests for a continent, have you earned the Taming achievement to unlock them for that continent? Did they show up once and then never come back? (not resetting) Are any working at all, and if so, which ones?

Note: Taming Kalimdor is Horde only, and Taming Eastern Kingdoms is Alliance only. This was done via hotfix so the UI in-game will not update until 5.1, which is why you may see completion swap between the two. Not to worry though, the data is all there and will be resolved with the 5.1 patch.