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#1 - 2012/10/04 05:54:00 PM
So the other day I was running with some friends in guild and we were talking in vent. One of the girls in the guild made the comment that we dont have any white people on the raid team...

I am from the midwest and I guess I never really thought about what white was. I knew that I was running with players that were leboneese, Greek, Italian, and one of the funniest african americans I have ever met. I have a very hispanic sounding name that everyone on my real id can see. I am 25% mexican IRL. I guess it never dawned on me that all of these other cultures were representing them selves as not white... exception being the african american who has made it clear he is black and dont forget it lol. I guess my question is, is it nievity or just being brought up with a high acceptance where I haven't really spent the time to color code people. Maybe, the question is what cultures fall into "white" and why are they grouped up as cultureless?

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#42 - 2012/10/04 08:10:00 PM
This discussion isn't really appropriate for the World of Warcraft forums.