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Regional Flagwhat made the burning crusade heroics so hardSource
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#1 - 2012/08/28 02:56:00 PM
I always hear about how hard the burning crusade heroics were before they got nerfed and that they took massive amounts of skill to complete and that new heroics should be made like that.What was it that made heroics so hard back then? from what ive seen the bosses in them are just tank and spank fights

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#33 - 2012/08/30 03:11:00 PM
Pre Nerf Arcatraz during Naru questline was the hardest, as Millhouse's agro was insane, his health pool low and you couldnt heal him.

Pre-nerf SL would want a word with you. The large packs before Blackheart the Inciter was a blast without any proper cc :-)

You can't forget the Heroic Shattered Halls sequence from Warbinger O'mrogg to Warchief Kargath Bladefist with the rogues there!

Arcatraz's last boss (Harbinger Skyriss) was quite interesting when you had the healer feared (though more often than not poor Millhouse was getting feared on my groups) and mind rend going off on someone else. Double the fun if that happened with the copies focusing you down (since Mind Rend is also a stun)!

EDIT: And this memorable quote from Millhouse when he was getting low on health!

"Heal me! For the love of all that is holy, somebody HEAL me! I'm dying!"

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#125 - 2012/09/18 03:25:00 PM
17/09/2012 20:49Posted by Illumine
3-4 dpers had CC and only 2 was reliable. Great hunters were god-mode (but great hunters were non-existant back then) cc-kiter-machines. And LOL at the lock fears pulling half an instance even after performing back-pulls all the way to Shattrath!

I remember warlocks would pull with Fear and then switch between Curse of Recklessness and any other so that they could cancel the effect if the add was going too far away. And of course, the Succubus's Seduce.

Also, some groups that claimed they didn't use any CC were playing at the late cycle of the expansion using a Protection Paladin as tank, as they could hold aggro rather well in 5-man heroics compared to other tanks.

In all, things have changed in many, many aspects, it's not just the difficulty of the dungeons by itself that has changed (mechanically I'd argue that all of them were easier than the newer ones), but also how we, as players, play our classes.