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#1 - 2012/08/01 08:46:00 PM
This change is Live according to the character sheet (all my healers have a mysterious +15% spell hit despite 0 Hit Rating).

If you find any spells still Missing, or are having issues with abilities the Spell Hit isn't helping and feel it's not fair, please bring it up here or in the Beta Class Balance Analysis thread. Our continued feedback and stress-testing helps keep the improvements coming! ^^


08/31/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Ghostcrawler
We're leaning towards just letting healers always hit with their spells. The concern was that healers would be too good at DPS, especially in PvP, but we can handle that in other ways.

08/31/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Ghostcrawler
To clarify, monks will keep their Spirit to hit conversion. Other healers will just have enough free hit to hit.

To quote various characters throughout the history of literature and media: "YAY!"


Old Update from class balance thread:

What is the motivation behind taking away Spirit -> Hit conversion for all healing spex except Mistweaver? It's a perk I really appreciated in Cata.

You have bandaided the issue in PvE by kitchen-sinking the abilities healers are expected to use, but the spell-specific bonuses don't help PvP or more specialized PvE situations, where heals need to use their entire control toolkit, not just spam Smite.

08/08/2012 01:06 PMPosted by Ghostcrawler
We want healers to do reasonable DPS, but we’re always wary of healers being able to do damage comparable to their damage specs. With much of the Mists overhaul and the de-emphasis on passives, we were concerned that say a Resto shaman would be able to Lightning Bolt as well as an Elemental shaman. Limiting the amount of free hit floating around (which is a stat healers don’t stack) helps to keep their DPS in check. It’s possible now that so many abilities are affected that it would be fine to let all spells benefit from hit, but that’s the concern.

Game Designer
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#38 - 2012/09/01 12:46:00 AM
To clarify, monks will keep their Spirit to hit conversion. Other healers will just have enough free hit to hit.