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#1 - 2012/08/31 12:01:00 AM
So I am curious what up with the nerfs?

Game Designer
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#10 - 2012/08/31 09:03:00 PM
I dont mind the DS nerf near as much as the mastery nerf as 1; its a double dip nerf to DS as DS is on the mastery and 2: a mastery nerf is a straight up damage nerff to all pally abilities so its not just the 3% for 1 or 2 spells its 3% from CS, HotR, HoW, TV, and DS. Which is the entire ret rotation. even small nerfs to mastery have large repercussions to ret cus its effects as so wide spread into the ret spec.

Ret mastery was not nerfed. It has been 15% for quite awhile. You're probably just seeing a tooltip correction.