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#1 - 2012/08/16 10:23:00 AM
I appologize, I don't really know where to go to check the beta patch notes so I don't know if this is a bug or intentional, but I have noticed since the last update that I am getting attacked by random roaming mobs and getting knocked out of combat. I have always been attackable by pvp players (which is even more frustrating) but this is the first time mobs have been able attack cause usually they disappear when they get close. The most annoying part is that I will have the start the fight over from scratch with the exception that my pets do not gain the health that they lost from the first fight back. Can someone clarify if this needs to be posted in the bug forum or not?

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#3 - 2012/08/17 08:24:00 PM
We found the bug causing this and are attempting to hotfix it up to servers shortly. If we can't hotfix it, it will be in the next build.

Thanks for the reports!