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#0 - 2010/09/09 11:49:14 PM
Hillsbrad is a level 20-25 (though if you're heirloomed/guild perked you'll probably hit 28-30) Horde zone. Breadcrumbs can be obtained from Undercity and Silverpine Forest.

Questing begins in the west at Southpoint Gate.

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#8 - 2010/09/10 06:18:05 PM
Q u o t e:
I will add more when I have finished Hillsbrad, but this is what I noticed today on my 25-26 tauren priest. I had already done Welcome to the Machine, the mine quests with Dumass, and most of Southshoure quests before the lastest patch.

I just did the quests for Kingslayer Orcus (well not completed them all yet, but saved him from drowning and saw his cool cutscene.) Here are 2 problems I noted with the cutscene:

1. Balinda and Stormpike don't "speak" during the actual cutscene in a way the players can see. I couldn't even hear any dialog through sound. After the cutscene was over, I was able to read what they were discussing.

2. The cutscene flagged me for pvp. I'm thinking that's because Orkus seemed to be "me" during the cutscene even though I didn't do anything to control him...but I definitely saw floating combat text as if that were the case. This was on Lost Isles.

There's a general issue right now that if you have nameplates up (V key, or shift-V for friendly) you won't see chat bubbles, which is why you didn't see Vanndar and Balinda say anything in the cutscene. We'll get it fixed soon.

Other issues resolved.