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#1 - 2012/07/29 10:22:00 PM
08/02/2012 06:23 AMPosted by Ghostcrawler
It was an experiment. We're not crazy about it and the player response has been negative overall, so we're going to revert it.

Rejoice! Leaving the post here though for historical value. Or something.

The new "graphic" for enrage where it dulls the colors on the screen and gives the red boarder around the edges like when you are being attacked with your map up is horrible. It absolutely destroys any semblance of game realism and ruins the games graphics by dulling colors. I am fascinated that the games art team would put so much work into making MoP colorful and then make a class colorblind. Grey is boring. The red flash gives me headaches. Please consider not including this or making it fall under the interface option for when the game tells us about reactive abilities or auras so we can turn it off.

Pics now included, copy paste.
Enrage up: http://picpaste.com/pics/WoWScrnShot_072912_195616-aFecfbWm.1343661208.jpg
Enrage not up for comparison's sake: http://picpaste.com/pics/WoWScrnShot_072912_173355-U29HtGZ6.1343661112.jpg

I have seen no positive feedback from a warrior yet. Here is some more feedback at a glance Bliz.

Madicus points out that this is like a lower graphic setting almost.
Posted by Madicus
Sorry but I don't care for this, it's annoying in pvp to have someone screw with my graphics.

I really hate it.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised at this point if they stuck recklessness with a really low resolution.

Datan makes a great suggesting for turning it into a glyph. That way the (few) people who like it can have it while the rest of us can have our color and the edges of our screen.
Posted by Datan
Needs an option, or make it a glyph..

On that note, Who misses the roar animation that used to happen when you used berserker rage, they took that off in BC - should be a glyph aswell, much cooler than this Imo.

Landsoul's reply, long as necessary and carefully worded as usual.
07/29/2012 03:55 PMPosted by Landsoul
The screen changing saturation is really unnecessary and truthfully, it's unwarranted.

Keep this thread going. I want Bliz to hear the shouts of the warriors of Azeroth! /end RP

Game Designer
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#50 - 2012/08/02 01:23:00 PM
It was an experiment. We're not crazy about it and the player response has been negative overall, so we're going to revert it.