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Regional Flag"Dismounting flying players in MoP wpvp"Source
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#1 - 2012/07/16 03:47:00 PM
I've heard somewhere and I think I've even seen a blue post about this, unfortunately I can't find the blue post anywhere though.

But is this still going through where a player can obtain a grappling hook or whatever and be able to dismount a flagged for PvP flying player?

I haven't heard anything about this anymore, but if they scrapped this idea. That would be quite sad tbh because I was REALLY looking out for this item.

So my question: Is this in the current beta? Has Blizzard scrapped this idea and did they throw it into the trash can?

And if they have thrown this into the trash can, do you think they should add this to (perhaps PvP servers only?) Mists of Pandaria?

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#6 - 2012/07/18 12:13:00 PM
16/07/2012 23:33Posted by Drdisc
They are still working on it, they haven't figured out how it should be working exactly.

This pretty much :-)

Right now we are looking into the possibility of adding one or more items that can dismount players, however this may change if we find a better way to do it. This is obviously something we want to be very careful about... it has to be done right.

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#28 - 2012/07/19 07:18:00 AM
18/07/2012 16:19Posted by Eleris
Won't this be pretty pointless on PvE servers,,?

I don't think that's an issue. It will probably not work on pve servers against someone not flagged for pvp.

That is the general idea. Players on PvE realms should not be forced into PvP if they don't want to PvP... No mercy on PvP realms though :-)