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#1 - 2012/06/08 03:08:00 AM
Is there any chance to have a grab bag of some kind or some form of tangible loot. Valor is nice but it has been done for EVERYTHING in regards to this patch, dailies, randoms, (raids?), and scenarios.
Maybe some form of item that lets you reforge more than 40% of a certain stat, something like an extra 20% into something you would want or a token of that nature. This would be something useful right after I get out of it to run daily and make it an uncommon drop. There has to be some form of durability to keep running these scenarios after the luster has faded in 3-6 months after MoP's release.

Game Designer
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#19 - 2012/07/18 03:08:00 AM
We will be dropping a grab bag at the end of every scenario. The bag has a chance at a dungeon quality blue (for your class) along with gold.

This should be in our next push.