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#0 - 2010/10/21 10:15:16 AM
some of thoes threads that u locked last night blizz have been active for 3 days it just shows that u really dont care how the shaman comunity feels. and after all that still no constructive feedback, all we want to here is you think that our current dps/ rotation is fine or you think there are improvments to be made, Good god blizz do your job, or at least employ some non retards that can

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#22 - 2010/10/22 12:49:20 PM
We realize that some people are not happy with the current state of the game, but please respect the forum rules despite this:

All constructively written feedback and concerns is being read and forwarded. We do take your concerns very seriously, however we must insist the forums remain usable for everyone, including those people who are not unhappy and wish to ask questions or discuss other aspects of the class.

Threads that contain nothing but volatile language, rants or "QQ" will be locked and/or ignored. Also, if there are many threads on the same topic, we will lock duplicate threads that do not contribute to the forums or otherwise bring anything new to the topic that isn't already being discussed in other threads.