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Regional FlagUnshifting clears Vengeance! D:Source
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#0 - 2010/10/18 08:17:08 PM
Just noticed this little quirk right here... Shifting out of Bear Form immediately resets Vengeance to 0.

Rebuffing, debuff removal or battle-ressing during phase transitions or inbetween pulls will all have a significant impact on a druid's threat generation. It somewhat echoes of the 3.x Resto Druid, who felt similarly punished for leaving Tree Form for any reason.

I would prefer if Vengeance was merely suppressed like Dash, instead of outright removed.

Blue Poster
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#15 - 2010/10/18 07:57:38 PM
We could make shifting to Cat clear Vengeance but let it stay on in caster form. We're only paranoid about Cat AP for obvious reasons.