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#1 - 2012/04/28 12:20:00 AM
Chi Burst currently has a placeholder graphic, looks kinda goofy. But it also feels really weak! It costs the same as Chi Wave, but has a cast time and only does about 10% more damage as a single Chi Wave jump! The healing also felt very weak.

In comparison, Zen Sphere felt pretty good as a talent. Decent damage and healing, long duration. Useful for healers and DPS. Tanks might have a hard time finding 2 chi for it, though, especially when it's competing against other mitigation abilities. Overall, pretty solid. No attack graphic yet, it just hovers over your head.


And the only real problem is that it's gigantic! It takes up a big chunck of visual space right in front of your character. It needs to be much much smaller, perhaps one of those rotate around the body effects.

Community Manager
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#4 - 2012/05/01 09:13:00 PM
The balance on these spells is not yet complete. We intend for Chi Burst to be worth the cast time for all 3 specs. The spell effects for Chi Burst should also be in the next build.