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#1 - 2012/04/03 11:45:00 PM
These are my first impressions so far:

When using this ability, I can't use my macros because it does not account for stances to detect Cat or Bear Form. Could this somehow be changed or updated so it can fulfill the [stance] conditions of a macro? Or maybe have our current cast bar change to access our stealth abilities?

Second, is just a opinion of aesthetics. I like becoming super kitty, and my model changing to a giant tiger. However, the current model is from older WoW, and not very realistic. Could our giant tiger form be updated to the new MoP tigers that I see in the Jade Forest?? Or maybe super kitty could look like a jade tiger? It would certainly fit the MoP theme.

Game Designer
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#5 - 2012/04/14 04:49:00 PM
There will be art for the cat, bear and moonkin form of Incarnation, but they will likely be adjustments (such as armor perhaps) to the existing forms, not brand new models. Hopefully we'll have something we can show you in a couple of weeks.