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#1 - 2012/04/03 11:19:00 PM
Scholomance is up for a revamp is MoP, and I wanted to get the Cadaverous set for my monk's transmog. However, the bosses that drop that set are going away and the set is BoP, which means I can't really farm it ahead of time. The plate set that drops from those bosses is also rather important; it's the set worn by a lot of the vanilla death knight NPCs, and is more or less our unofficial tier 0.5.

Are those sets, and the other armor sets and unusual items that drop off the six minibosses in Scholomance's basement, going to remain in the game in some form? (just the models would be fine.) If not, could they be moved to Darkmoon vendors?

(And, yes, I know the silver-thread set uses the same models as Cadaverous, but it's cloth. Can't mog cloth onto a monk's leather armor, unless the rules change a lot more than I'm expecting them to.)

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#14 - 2012/04/04 08:05:00 PM
We discussed this topic with the developers last week a bit. I don't have any conclusive information for you, but they recognize there are a lot of cool items in SM and Scholomance, and they want to try and preserve those in Mists.