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#0 - 2010/09/21 11:24:35 PM
From this thread in the beta:


Q u o t e:
We recently consolidated a lot of janky threat mods that were on a lot of different abilities into core abilities like Righteous Fury and Defensive Stance. For example, warriors used to have a threat reduction modifier on Battle and Berseker Stance. We took that away and increased Defensive Stance's threat to compensate. You may be seeing data from in the midst of all of those changes.

Please no.

If you are looking at it, though, please remove the threat modifier from Whirlwind.

Hoping that I misunderstood this quote.

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#26 - 2010/09/22 06:19:55 AM
Q u o t e:
To clarify: Removing the threat reduction on Battle and Berserker Stance and buffing Defensive Stance would make sense if the game only had one class: warrior. Since many different classes tank and many different classes do not tank, I'm not understanding how the change to threat distribution on warrior stances is supposed to interact with the rest of the game.

I used Defensive Stance as an example. We buffed the threat of Defensive Stance, Righteous Fury, Bear Form and Blood Presence and tried to get rid of any invisible -threat modifiers on other things. It's easier to tune and avoid bugs (in this case) if it's just one number and not scattered eight places in the data. As just one example, when we removed Blessing of Salvation (for LK) we added a separate, invisible spell effect that applied that buff just in case we changed our minds for any reason. Now that Salv as a 100% uptime blessing is long gone, we just added it to the tanking stances.

Sorry for any confusion.