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#1 - 2012/03/15 08:20:00 PM
I am close in getting a character to 85 without dying, has blizz put in an achivement for this? because it would be a waste if they havent.

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#30 - 2012/03/16 10:47:00 AM
15/03/2012 22:36Posted by Zukio
well people i got my other character to lvl 85 with no deaths and i can confirm blizz dont give you a feat of strength achiv, which is a shame as i think if you can do it you should get some reward, i hope a blue reads this and answers why no achivement for getting to 85 with no deaths, good thing i took a screenshot just so i know i did it.

Considering people can start Death Knights at level 55, stack up on heirlooms to level much quicker, use RAF to level up without leaving a city, and now we have the SoR feature which grants a level 80 character, the achievement would be much easier for some to get than others. You could rule out people that used some of these services I suppose, but where would you draw the line?