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#1 - 2012/01/31 06:20:00 PM
Well I`ve been searching for this post but without success.The thing is that we are screwed up and if 4.3.2 is the last patch so we will be until MoP.. We don`t have cataclysm prismatic gem we are behind with 30 attributes and we can`t prospect epic gems + the new prism is awful you only can lose money in term of materials.
Anyone having some information about this issues ,some blues or leaked news ?

/really sad

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#3 - 2012/02/02 04:23:00 PM
This is only the case if you assume that everyone is fully decked out in the epic Jewelcrafting gems. Due to the drop-rate being quite low and the cost to buy them quite high, it is not really feasible that the average player will be able to acquire enough of these gems while the 4.3 content is still current to create an issue. We feel the benefits that Blacksmithing offers balance out very well when compared to the difficulty of obtaining epic gems, as such we do not currently have any changes planned in regards to this.