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#1 - 2012/01/06 06:06:00 PM
And, I accidentally won something i did not mean to roll on. tier shoulders from hagara. I already have mine but i had gone afk after i clicked need on the items i had rolled on. When I came back from my afk I was the only person left in the raid. So i thought hey, maybe I can check my chat log and find someone else that needed the item. I found that a paladin was begging me for them while I was afk. Unfortunately he was not on my realm, so I filled out a ticket and logged out for a few days for the ticket to be answered. The timer on the shoulders wouldn't expire that way and this paladin would find a nice gift in his mailbox. I opened my ticker and... was informed that blizzard could not do anything about it and I would have to keep the shoulders. I'm kinda annoyed by this but I am sure the person that needed the shoulders was probably angry and justified to be angry. Thanks for the time to look at this, hopefully this can be resolved!

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#6 - 2012/01/06 08:02:00 PM
I'm afraid our Game Masters are unable to intervene in any loot disputes or loot redistributions related to Looking for Raid, Vallure. I believe this was covered in our Patch 4.3 Policy Spotlight.

Raid Finder

Our policies for the Raid Finder will largely mirror our existing stances on player interaction and loot distribution. The standard loot distribution method of Need Before Greed has been altered for the Raid Finder to be more restrictive on what loot is appropriate to which players, and as a result, it leaves little room for loot disputes.

If you are unfamiliar with our current stance, be aware that customer support does not intervene with loot disputes. This means that the rightful winner of a piece of gear in a Raid Finder group is the one who is sent the item by the distribution system. To maintain a level of fairness and equality in these matters, customer support will be unable to redistribute loot either as a result of a dispute or at the request of a player who wishes to swap the item to another. As the two-hour trade timer will still be applicable in these situations, players can swap items between themselves should they decide to do so.

Generally speaking, if there is a method with which a player can resolve the issue without Game Master intervention, our staff will be unable to intervene if those methods are not utilized. To do so invalidates the purpose of those features.

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#33 - 2012/01/06 11:19:00 PM
I do believe this has been asked and answered. No, there is a game mechanic to handle this - it's a 2 hour timer (cross-realm, in the same instance).

This is not something we are going to facilitate from the Game Master staff.