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#1 - 2011/11/30 12:11:00 AM
So whats up with it kicking people out every 2mins or so??? is there a fix coming? A Blue post would be awesome!

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#18 - 2011/11/30 12:45:00 AM
There's a known issue causing the LFG servers to crash, which is kicking people out of queue. A hotfix is already in production and we expect will be implemented this evening.

There's also an issue that's causing long queue times, and again a hotfix is in progress.

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#33 - 2011/11/30 01:39:00 AM
11/29/2011 05:07 PMPosted by Neachi
Do you guys not have one of the most well funded, populous design teams in the industry at your disposal?

Potentially. I don't know much about other companies to be honest.

Shouldn't a low graphics, well greased game be smooth to patch and change by now?

Well, as major patches go, 4.3 was one of the smoothest in the history of the game.

Game features and service issues have nothing to do with graphics, or even really the age of a game, though. World of Warcraft is, I would bet, one of the most complex games currently out there (the most?) in the types and scope of game systems we have. It's also no spring chicken, and so as we shove more robot-guts into the thing it just gets more complex and all these little cogs have to continue to work in-tandem.

If we weren't constantly improving and evolving the game, I might agree with you, but there's no formula for how you implement a region-wide 25 person raid queuing system under load of millions of people and test all possibilities of its use before release. Right?

Don't take this as a blatant insult, I actually feel strongly about this issue and want to know more about it before I make judgements.

Oh I don't! I take it as a deflected insult. :)