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Regional FlagUnstable Magma is unreasonable nowSource
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#1 - 2011/09/08 01:37:00 AM
The Unstable Magma are obtaining their energy WAY too fast now compared to before. We kill the Flamewaker Subjugator and this guy's already at 90. What are we supposed to do about that? the amount of AOE they release is too much.

Community Manager
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#17 - 2011/09/13 10:30:00 PM
This change is the result of a hotfix that got left out of the standard documentation. I apologize for that.

Previously energy generation for the Unstable Magma packs in front of Baleroc was bugged, resulting in really inconsistent functionality of the encounter. This fix ends up making the encounter more difficult given most players are accustomed to just burning down everything, which was not the intended functionality. Here is what changed:

Flamewaker Subjugator and Animator packs in the Firelands will now behave as intended. As Flamewaker Subjugators become damaged, Flamewaker Animators will be attackable, and must be killed quickly to prevent a significant buildup of Unstable Magma.