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#1 - 2011/08/24 06:17:00 PM
Over and over and over I read the complaint that a raid finder feature will destroy these close knit server communities. That's the main argument I see against it, but I thought about it. Who on your server, besides your guildmates do you raid with regularly? I know very few players who PuG content.... and yes it's more common on higher population servers, but even then most raiders stick to their guilds and their close group of friends and don't get out much into the general population of their server. If people aren't constantly mixing it up with who they raid with on their server as it is, how will a raid finder destroy their community?

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#54 - 2011/08/25 02:36:00 AM
With the current design philosophy of the upcoming Raid Finder, it's not at all intended to serve as a replacement for organized raiding. In fact, it isn't at all being designed to be used as a direct substitute for forming raids the way people do today. The goal is to give people who enjoy the more casual PuG raid environment, or just don't have the schedule to keep up with organized raids, a better way to experience raid content.

We're still solidifying a lot of the details for this feature and look forward to sharing more with you soon. ;)