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#1 - 2011/07/22 08:17:00 AM

I am not sure were I am suppose to post this, if it is not here hope you don't mind.

First of all they don't speak Brazilian Portuguese they just speak Portuguese, the Brazilian Portuguese or Portuguese Portuguese are just stuff that came out of the internet from Pirates that wanted subtitles from their regions or wanted to download films were the audio was in Portuguese and they wanted the audio from their regions.

Its the same way has you don't say Mexican Spanish or Argentine Spanish, Porto Rico Spanish, etc.

OT so you guys are opening Brazilian realms for Portuguese Speaking community, What about the guys in Europe? There is allot of Portuguese ppl playing the game, there are allot of them in the French realms since there is over 2M emigrants there, and in the English servers Grimbatol has the biggest Portuguese community over 80% of the realm (you can just see top guilds) Burning Steppes is the same thing all top guilds are Portuguese, Most of then are players from Grimbatol that migrated when the free migration came 1 week before WOTLK, I know that 2 years ago Frostmane had a Big Portuguese community dunno about now.

Long Story short will we be able to play from Europe in the Brazilian servers? It's not like we are going to migrate there because of lag but just wanted to know if we have an option.
Will this be the 1st step for a Portuguese Realm in Europe? We just need one to get it full and with all the top guilds we have it is going to be fun for Realm Firsts :)

And with us gone from Grimbatol all the QQs can now rest.

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#33 - 2011/07/26 12:10:00 PM
22/07/2011 09:17Posted by Eithne
so you guys are opening Brazilian realms for Portuguese Speaking community, What about the guys in Europe?
While we are very excited about the upcoming launch of the Brazilian Portuguese localization of World of Warcraft later this year, we don’t have anything new to announce for Europe at this time.