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Regional FlagIs there a point to the daily quest limit nowSource
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#1 - 2011/07/13 04:33:00 PM
I'm curious why there is a daily quest limit still in place. I'm trying to do Argent Tournament dailies, but unfortunately, Molten Front + Fishing + Cooking dailies, + 1 jewelcrafting daily leave me with just 4 daily quests left. Can't really get any champion's seals that way, if I want to get valiant ones.

Community Manager
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#4 - 2011/07/13 04:43:00 PM
Is there a point in daily quest limits? Yes. Of course there is. Dailies allow people the opportunity to gain (in some cases) reputation as well as money or skills. We also don't want people feeling that they need to do 100+ daily quests a day just because they can either. It should also be about making choices on an individual basis about what quests you want to work on and still not get overwhelmed by the amount of dailies you feel you need to do each day.

People have asked us if we'd ever raise the cap to this, and we can't say we never will. If the time comes that we think it's a good idea, we'll address the possibility then. For now, it's as it is.