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Regional FlagWhy is S10 2H Sword so small?Source
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#1 - 2011/07/06 06:55:00 PM
While the 1H swords actually look bigger?

I respectfully request that you consider increasing the model size of the 2H Sword to where it actually looks like a TWO handed sword.

Community Manager
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#14 - 2011/07/08 01:19:00 AM
We discussed this with the developers yesterday. It seems some of the two-handed weapons are getting smaller, while the one-handed weapons are getting bigger. We like the basic idea of players being able to tell what kind of weapon a character is holding just by looking at them. There should be no visual confusion between a one-handed weapon and a two-handed weapon.

It's not likely there will be any major art updates coming before the next patch, but this is definitely something for us to keep in mind going forward.