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Regional FlagSo when are rogues going to get nerfedSource
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#0 - 2008/07/06 02:35:27 AM
Because im sure myself, aswell as other classes are very frustrated with this class atm. They are the only class in the game that is a pain in the ass to have on you, and to kill in arena because of there high dodge, cooldowns such as vanish, cheat death, cloak of shadows, sprint, stuns, evasion. The cheat death nerf solves nothing, it will still be the same. Yes there will be a dps loss but they can still do good damage. Most of you rogues will say ' oh they are on cooldowns' but i can assure you that those cooldowns are all you need to end the fight.

Why do rogues have alot of cooldowns compared to other classes, i honestly cannot see any weakness in the class at all. Something needs to be done to actually make them a killable target, not a 40 man raid boss. The cheat death nerf will not affect anything, rogues in pvp gear still do nice damage.

I dont want to sound whiney but it just gets to the point where you get fed up of classes that can be god mode in arena -.-. Hopefully there will be rogues out there who do agree, those who dont can l2p :)

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#63 - 2008/07/08 10:13:06 AM
Well once we're certain we've completely nerfed Forum Trolls we might take a look at where else the nerf bat can be applied.