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Regional Flagleaving in the middle of a fight BAD MOJOSource
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#1 - 2011/06/01 06:41:00 PM
i've got one big gripe for Blizzard . you have got to do something about people leaving in the middle of a fight in a dungeon . it creates a costly wipe to the ones that stay . either prevent them from leaving or punish them like a 2hr wait to get back in another one or something like that . this has been happening much too often and have cost me too much gold for no reason .

Community Manager
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#31 - 2011/06/01 07:24:00 PM
I'd agree it can be annoying, and even costly, but I don't think a restriction of not allowing people to leave during combat would achieve much. Generally people leaving at those moments are doing so on some type of 'principle'. You're pulling too slow, the healer has a fishing pole equipped, etc. etc. and it would be just as productive for them to stand there doing nothing and either wiping the group or just making it a tougher pull. Unlikely they'd think "Oh, I guess they really need me" and jump into combat. They'd just wait until everyone died, feeling justified in their ability to kill the group, and then leave.

There are also situations where being able to leave while in combat wouldn't be the 'wrong' thing to do. For example if someone decided to pull the instance in hopes of wiping everyone.