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Regional FlagPTR Raid Testing Schedule 5/19-5/20Source
Game Designer
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#1 - 2011/05/18 10:54:00 PM
The next phase of raid testing is as follows:

Thursday, May 19
US 4:30 PM PDT – Majordomo Staghelm (10 Player)

Friday, May 20
EU 10:30 AM PDT – Shannox (10 Player)
US 4:30 PM PDT – Beth’tilac (25 Player)

Shannox Testing Note:
The creatures spawned in the middle of the volcanic plains will be active for the test. To spawn Shannox, you must defeat a few of them. The number of creatures needed to spawn Shannox has been modified for PTR.

As always, the schedule can change at a moment’s notice due to issues with the build, server, encounter, or the mercurial nature of designers. The encounters are all a work in progress; there will be bugs and tuning is not final.

Game Designer
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#26 - 2011/05/19 11:48:00 PM
We will be doing testing when servers come up tonight, hopefully the update process finishes soon. I don't have a precise ETA.