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#0 - 2007/11/15 02:07:12 PM
I was really excited to make a 24 slot ammo pouch come patch day, and have a bunch of hunter guildies that had gathered the mats, and got in line to have one made. Only one problem... even though the pouch is BoE, it is also Unique, meaning after I make one for myself, I can't make any more for friends or selling.

Is it really so OP as to make it unique? Will I have an unfair advantage over my fellow players if I could posses 2 of these bags? I don't really think so. Blizz either needs to not make these unique, or make them unbound like the old bags, so I can give mine away then make myself another.

The only way I can see getting around this problem is to vendor my current bag, craft a new one for my friend, give it to him, buy mine back. Does anyone see any problems with this? It should work but would it be considered an exploit? I hate having to turn away friends, not to mention the possibility of losing the ability to sell these bags, something I was looking forward to.

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#3 - 2007/11/15 07:26:51 PM
This is being fixed in an upcoming patch.