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#0 - 2007/11/14 06:12:06 AM
I've noticed herbs now sparkle. But it doesn't seem that all herbs do. Terocone, Netherbloom, and Nightmare Vine so far all sparkle brightly, but some Felweed don't seem to as much. Why is this? Maybe I'm just going insane...

Also, do herbs sparkle in Azeroth too? I haven't farmed any there today. Thank you.

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#5 - 2007/11/15 07:39:06 PM
Anything you can interact with now should have the "loot sparkles". Food crates, herbs, mining nodes, etc. It may be that some herbs are so small that the sparkleys just don't show up as prominently with the way the particle effect generates.

No more pixel hunting! Which I rather enjoy, but I'm positive I'm alone on that.