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#1 - 2011/04/12 03:24:00 PM
help me.....
believe me i called and emailed blizzard, not only GM..
& Taiwan server doesn't provide IP tracking or authenticator.

WOW Development:

I post this on every famous wow forums, hoping development personal can notice.
As known to us that thousands of complaints these years make wow perfect in mechanics and interfaces, etc.

I'm leader of guild: Pact of Shadow, realm: Athars--Taiwan. Pact of Shadow just reached lv 24 yesterday and was disbanded by someone hacking into my account. I contacted the customer service representative, and got a reply: they are unable to recover it due to technology and permission limits.

what shall we do?

"Pact of Shadow" is guild of a long history in wow. We gathered lots of faithful members and celebrated 4th anniversary. "Pact of Shadow" completed many realm first achievements in raids since MC/BWL. Many member in MC/BWL first down group is still active in raids here. We spend 4 years of days and nights in "Pact of Shadow", it becomes part of me, and most members even in real life.

So right after GM informed us that guild cannot be recovered, we created a new guild with nobody left. We raid BOT and BWD as we planned. Due to loss of guild awards, we put 2 cauldrons every hour, we ran slower after wipe and we leveling alts harder, and those won't bother us as long as our ppl are around. We rebirth after this shared disaster.
Protecting my account is my business, I can bear the loss of gold, mats and even character. But why everyone else has to suffer those?
Have WOW development group ignored something?
After cata released the guild system rewards r great. It costs 4 months of everyone to reach level 24, we met guild exp cap everyday during these 4 months. We do random heroic just for exp even we don't really want to.But there is no protection and backup for our work in the past 4 month.
Many games have protection on this.I think it’s time to bring some changes.

My suggestion:
Master Password
Master Password is already applied to many mmorpg. Players can set a master password to confirm some important changes to an account such as character deletion and guild disband, etc.
In Wow we type DELETE to confirm delete characters or gears. A "delete" cannot protect our account again hacker. Apply a master password can effectively reduce the loss of hacked accounts and operation cost of customer service (to recover accounts and items).
Players can set their master password on BN, and choose what kind of actions need master password confirmed,such as:

 Character deletion
 Delete/Sell/Trade or d/e Epic or Legendary Items
 Promote another guild master
 Disband Guild
 Trade/Send large amount of Golds(with a customized threshold)

Guild Protection
If master password is unable to apply for any reason, there should be at least some protections for the cata guild system that hundreds of guild members's endeavor get erased!!

 Impossible to delete a character which is guild master
 Several days to confirm a guild disband or need confirmation from at least 10 ppl(just like how we create!!).
 only a guild without any members(other than master) can be disbanded(like arena teams)


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#26 - 2011/04/12 05:08:00 PM
Again, Allez, this is not the place for this. While I understand your frustration, this is an issue that is occurring on the Taiwanese realms, not the North American realms.

Continuing to post the same thing in multiple threads can, and will, lead to your posting privileges revoked.