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#0 - 2009/11/28 01:19:49 AM
Hi guys, I'm just going to post some useful warrior macros here, mainly PvP ones.
I certainly hope everyone out there will help my by contributing whatever they think is worth it.
I'd like to point out that this is the way -I- do play my warrior, there's loads of different ways to do it, another way of for example swapping stances can be seen in the 5th post (Thank you Lilou)
I hope no one feels offended if I edit macros that you post, I only do this to make them more "clean" and hopefully more useful (from my point of view).

I'll try to keep this updated and guys more bumps and reports for sticky!

Here goes!



Equip shield+1h / 2h

/click [equipped: Shields] CharacterSecondaryHandSlot
/click [equipped: Shields] Your bagslot
/equip [equipped: Shields] Your 2h
/equipslot 16 Your 1h
/equip Your Shield

For the bagslot name put this macro on your bars, mouseover the bagslot where you want the shield to go, and type the name which appears in your chatwindow.

/run local f = GetMouseFocus(); if f then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(f:GetName()) end


#showtooltip Disarm
/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Disarm

Shield Wall

#showtooltip Shield Wall
/cast [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/equipslot 16 Your 1h
/equip Your Shield
/cast [equipped:Shields, stance:1/2] Shield Wall

Goes into Defensive Stance, equips your shield and 1h, and then pops Shield Wall

Intervene - 2v2

#showtooltip Intervene
/cast [stance:1/3] defensive stance
/targetexact Your Teammate
/cast [target=Your Teammate] intervene

Note, this is mainly useful in 2v2 since you only have 1 teammate, I'd recommend using the below one instead for 3v3 and 5v5. You can remove the [target=Your Teammate] and it'll simply attempt to target the player you have at the /targetexact part. You can also add /cast [stance:2] Battle Stance at the end if you want the macro to go back to Battle Stance right after the Intervene. (Requires 2/3 clicks depending on how many /casts you have

Intervene Overall

#showtooltip Intervene
/cast [stance:1/3] Defensive Stance
/cast Intervene

You can also add /cast [stance:2] Battle Stance at the end if you want the macro to go back to Battle Stance right after the Intervene. (Requires 2/3 clicks depending on how many /casts you have)



/cast [equipped:Shields, stance:1/2] Shield Bash; [noequipped:Shields, stance:1/2] Berserker Stance; [stance: 3] Pummel

If shields are equipped, it'll use Shield Bash, if a shield isn't equipped, it'll swap you into Berserker Stance and use Pummel (last requires 2 presses/click)

Another way of interrupting, with focus targetting. (Thank you Lilou)

/cast [stance:1/2, modifier:shift, target=focus] Shield Bash; [stance:1/2] Shield bash; [stance:3, modifier:shift, target=focus] Pummel; [stance:3] Pummel
/equipslot [stance:1/2] 16 Your 1h
/equipslot [stance:1/2] 17 Your Shield


#showtooltip Bladestorm
/cancelaura Bladestorm
/cast Bladestorm

1 Press, casts Bladestorm, another press will cancel Bladestorm

Bladestorm, with Sweeping Strikes (Thank you Rupion)

#showtooltip Bladestorm
/cast Sweeping Strikes
/cast Bladestorm

Same as above, but with Sweeping Strike for more nuke if there's more than 1 target.


#showtooltip Intercept
/cast stance:1/2 Berserker Stance
/cast [target=focus, modifier:ctrl] Intercept; Intercept


#showtooltip Intervene
/cast defensive stance
/target Your Teammate
/cast [target=Your Teammate] intervene

Shattering Throw
/cast Shattering Throw
/rw <<Bubble/Iceblock removed from %t>>

Announce to your teammates when and who you are casting Shattering Throw.


I'm currently not using any PvE macros since they're basicly already covered by my PvP macros, feel free to contribute though.

I hope this helps, and let's get a sticky!


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#11 - 2009/12/08 01:04:35 PM
This has been added to the collection of guides at the top of the forum! Good work!