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#1 - 2011/02/17 02:44:00 AM
I got this data from skada using the ignite munch module

Test Conditions
-Living bomb kept up
-Flame orb launched on CD unless not used in test
-Single Target dummy no splash damage
-Self buffs, no flask or food
-Timewarp not used

13k DPS @ 2.2m damage

Skada: Skada: Ignite munching for Total, 12:49:35 - 12:58:42:
Skada: Reference ignite damage 439.3K
Skada: Actual ignite damage 302.2K
Skada: Munched ignite damage 137.1K
Skada: Munched ignite damage (%) 31.2%

Ok so I have done about 3 tests now and its all been about 30% loss of damage. in each attempt i did let Flame Orb go off on cooldown meaning that it could potentially eat big crits.

This next test is with no Flame Orb

13k @ 2.36m

Skada: Skada: Ignite munching for Total, 13:04:59 - 13:11:31:
Skada: Reference ignite damage 509.0K
Skada: Actual ignite damage 435.8K
Skada: Munched ignite damage 73.2K
Skada: Munched ignite damage (%) 14.4%

as expected not using flame orb has reduced the ignite munching considerably.

What i think is needed as a potential fix for the .4 second chedck on the ingore talent is to bake ignite into the tree as a fire bonus. Increase some talent point costs to compensate for extra talents, this should stop this latest type of ignite munching.

any thoughts on this, others want to test it out as well?

Im going to try some tests in raids at some point as well, I would imagine inflated damage numbers of ignite munnching to be worse but percentages to remain the same for loss.

Community Manager
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#38 - 2011/02/23 01:32:00 AM
Since the design of Ignite doesn’t allow us to resolve munching (defined as multiple simultaneous crits that fail to properly proc Ignite) directly, we’re thinking about a solution that would instead prevent Ignite from proc’ing on periodic crits. This might be a minor dps loss, but possibly no dps loss at all since it would stop most cases of munching. If it turned out to be a dps loss, we could compensate for it elsewhere. You're likely to see some experimenting in future patch PTRs. This is a pretty good example of something we can't hotfix, or rather wouldn't try. It’s the kind of change that would likely have unpredictable side-effects.