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#1 - 2011/01/25 07:26:26 PM
I hadn't seen anything about this on these forums, so I just figured I'd mention it. MMO-Champion is showing an additional 5% nerf to Paladin healing in the upcoming PTR patch:

Walk in the Light now increases the effectiveness of healing spells by 10%, down from 15%.

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#14 - 2011/01/25 08:08:37 PM
Right, kind of. We discovered that Conviction (which can give up to a 9% healing bonus) was broken. It affected paladin self heals, but not healing other targets. Since we think that paladin healing throughput is in an overall good place we didn't want a 9% bonus sticking around. So we fixed Conviction and reduced the Holy passive, Walk in the Light, from 15% to 10%. Which actually does end up with a net 4% gain overall, assuming Conviction has near 100% uptime, which isn't too unreasonable.

Since it was applied in a hotfix the Walk in the Light tooltip won't be updated until 4.0.6.