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#0 - 2009/12/08 07:09:53 PM
Hey, im leveling as survival :O because i feel it is more interesting than BM and i do alot of PvP. But when im killing mobs my pet cant seem to hold aggro, growl is on and cower is off but i get aggro as soon as i start attacking. Im using a cat atm. So is there a good rotation ect. or can some1 suggest a new pet ect. Thanks in advance. Also, what is easier for leveling? MM or SV ? and whats better for PvP out of the two.

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#9 - 2009/12/11 03:13:01 PM
Q u o t e:
Thank you, a very nice informative post :)

Indeed it was. I usually see only BM or MM suggested (and asked about) for leveling, so maybe this will be a little inspiration for those wanting to do it differently. *blue tag* :-)