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#0 - 2010/11/06 09:56:36 PM
Giving rated battlegrounds similar restrictions of arena, like not be able to use abilities like Lay on Hands, Army of the Dead, etc.

I can perfectly understand it in an arena scenario where people lose if their team dies, but it was never the case in battlegrounds where HKs aren't what truly win the game. It was never a problem in vanilla PvP. Why do it now?

Please, Blizzard. Remove this restrictions from rated-battlegrounds. Keep only restrictions of guild-abilities like mass ressurrection. Don't make us feel like some of our glyphs or talents were worthless.

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#28 - 2010/11/10 10:20:41 PM
We know about this issue and plan to have it corrected in time for launch. All class abilities will work as normal in rated battlegrounds. Consumables and engineering items will still be restricted, just like arenas.