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Regional Flag[BD] The Tron Council (10 Heroic)Source
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#0 - 2010/11/03 10:42:17 PM
Please post all feedback regarding this raid boss in this thread.

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#8 - 2010/11/04 11:04:15 PM
Q u o t e:
First impression of hard modes is that they are indeed hard, this encounter also proved to be fun.

One problem I noticed, the poison bombs are hard to see over ground effects (frost trap, efflorescence, poison clouds, etc), making it difficult to see them at times. I would like to see the adds either larger in size, or more easily noticed through said effects. I am not sure how you could accomplish this, perhaps a radiating effect around them, coupled with a larger model would help?

While this is the Heroic posting thread, I feel it is relevant to state that the difficulty curve from normal mode to hard mode is a bit drastic. In no way am I calling for a nerf here, heroic difficulty is intended to be hard, and it was fun, but perhaps the "punishment" for not executing correctly in normal mode will help guilds prepare for the step up in difficulty they will encounter in pulling this fight on heroic difficulty.

When Nef "empowers" abilities, the graphic he uses to empower the ability ( shadow-bolt effect) is also used when some non-empowered abilities fade out ( Arcanotron's puddle). This can be confusing at times, or perhaps I didn't see it correctly.

A compliment from a hunter standpoint, the hit boxes of the Trons are again a big improvement from what we've seen in the past ( as with many other encounters this expansion ). Collapsing to melee range does not coincide with feelings of "Oh, I am going to be useless for a while here"..... Just my opinion there, but something that was very noticeable and enjoyable.

Difficulty curve from Normal mode to Heroic Mode is intended to be large. Furthermore, as I said in another thread, normal modes are being analyzed and in most cases being made more challenging.

Hard mode is hard.