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#0 - 2010/10/30 11:35:18 PM
Perhaps the most frustrating part of all this work that is going into balancing all the tanks is being told that DK's are the least represented on beta ergo not enough information is being supplied to manage ' the complications of self healing'. Obviously I cant speak about lvl 85 mechanics but Dks at this point feel clunky and require a lot of ramp up time via diseases.

Did another HM ICC run with the guild and our prot pally just dominated me on every level... 12k prot dps with 70k shields, active mitigation, and self healing more then me. To this end... Im finding it hard to find any real reason to stay with this class as brutally and faithfully as I have while trying to maintain some type of relative progression. At the end of the day guilds such as mine are here for fast progression and we will do that by increasing are margin of error. That said Druid/Pally tank combo already looks strong.

I guess class variations and customization comes at the cost of viability and getting 2-3 shot in encounters where druids just... rolllllll and pallys play tic tac toe with 2nd lives. I guess it could also be a L2 Play issue.

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#1 - 2010/10/30 11:41:05 PM
Have you tanked with the new rune strike and improved blood presence yet? Do not jump the gun until you try those.

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#2 - 2010/10/31 01:30:08 AM
Please don't QQ. It wastes everyone's time.