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#1 - 2017/04/08 04:47:00 AM

Myself and a number of other very long-time Enhancement players have been mulling over the current status quo of Enhancement in 7.2. We've come up with several major areas of concern that we'd like to address with the community as a whole. We all care deeply about Enhancement and want it to be the best it could possibly be. The main goal of this feedback is to identify areas we think the spec is struggling. We'd like you to focus on the problems instead of any proposed solutions.

Feedback in this post has been compiled from:

Wordup <Echoes> | 9 Years Played
Purge <Addiction> | 12 Years Played
Rusahh <Addiction> | 6 Years Played
Hekili <Turbo Cyborg Ninjas> | 3 Years Played
Ryethe <Midwinter> | 8 Years Played
Bay <Crisp> | 9 Years Played

This group maintains the majority of Enhancement Theorycrafting resources currently available to the public.
Additional shout-out to the Enhancement MVPs in the Earthshrine Discord for all their feedback and support.

We've consolidated our feedback down to just identifying things we see as problems. Please see the following posts or if you'd like to save a copy, the google doc located at

EU Forum sister post:

I understand there's a lot to take in here and we sincerely appreciate any time taken to read our feedback. We'd like to open this discussion up to others to get the ball rolling and hopefully get the community more involved in helping to fix some of these issues.

Thanks for reading - Rusahh

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#104 - 2017/04/14 01:50:00 AM
Thanks for all the feedback. There are a lot of issues being discussed here, but a few stand out as core rotational problems we'd like to address. There's not a specific final plan yet, so be warned there may be works in progress in upcoming PTR builds.

1) Boulderfist. During 7.1.5 iteration, we agreed with a lot of feedback that Boulderfist gave the most fun version of the basic rotation (as opposed to the spammable Rockbiter, or the slower Boulderfist we tried for a time on 7.1.5 PTR). Furthermore, a lot of the talent balancing and related issues on the spec are caused by flipping between the GCD-filled Rockbiter rotation and the charge-driven Boulderfist rotation.

We are planning to make Boulderfist baseline (possibly with the name Rockbiter). The choice would likely be to take a passive talent on L15 that leaves the gameplay identical to using Boulderfist now, or use Windsong/Hot Hand but still have a generator with a 6s recharge time.

2) Tempest and Stormbringer. Tempest has been a bit of a thorn in the side of Enhancement pacing throughout this expansion. A proc that has you press a major spender twice is already at risk of having that feast-or-famine feel. The talent making you press Stormstrike three times in order to get it back on cooldown is an even bigger culprit. At every passing moment, you either don't get a proc, or you do get one and suddenly have to spend 3 GCDs and 80 Maelstrom to deal with it (not to mention that Stormstrike has a reasonable chance of proccing Stormbringer yet again, especially as mastery increases).

We're deciding how much of this we can or should unwind in a patch, but redesigning Tempest may be a somewhat surgical way to get at this problem. Namely, the problem of the button priority and resource usage being overrun by frequent (but not predictable) endless chain Stormstrikes. We tend not to like totally reworking popular talents, but Tempest has no good way to gradually tune it down. And in any case, amplifying the difference caused by getting vs. not getting Stormbringer procs is a result we want to avoid.

Usual reminder that these two changes will likely have a significant impact on DPS tuning, that we'll evaluate when we decide the details of the designs.

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#186 - 2017/04/19 05:12:00 AM
That was an error in today's PTR build. Landslide should be in the third slot in L15 (as the patch notes described).