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Regional FlagHow does pet health scale?Source
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#0 - 2010/01/06 09:05:44 PM
...with hunter's health? I've seen the page on wowwiki but I still don't really get it =/
I've been thinking about getting to level 80 and trying to make a really good tanking pet with lots of health (i've read a couple of threads about this and liked the idea) but the other day I saw this hunter with like 35k health while his (ravager) pet only had around 18k... Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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#1 - 2010/01/07 10:47:59 AM
Pets have talents in which the hunter can choose to add stamina to the pet (Greater Stamina), perhaps this hunter you mentioned opted out of that. I believe the pet inherits just under half of the hunters stamina, so for every 2.0 points of stamina the hunter has, the pet inherits 0.9 or there abouts.