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#0 - 2009/02/03 01:17:12 PM
Hi, Just finished doing some pvp :) Arena. Blizzard, and all the team of designers, game developers or what ever you call your selves, have no idea what your doing do you ?

PVP For priest SUCKS, BLIZZARD SUCKS, DESIGNERS SUCK. Thanks have a nice day keep up the good work :) Being useless as ever ! take care.

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#2 - 2009/02/03 02:37:18 PM
This is a good example of how to get a forced vacation from these forums. If you are unable to post while abiding by the forum guidelines then please refrain from posting all together. Not only do you not provide any sort of relevant information on what your actual issues are, but your entire post is nothing but a blatant attack on the team who makes this game.

I am unsure what you thought such a post would accomplish - but whatever it was; the only outcome it will have is a thread lock and a forum holiday.